About Us

James Dionisio 
Since i was a little kid i have always loved cars. I loved to clean cars, look at cars, ride in cars, and when i became of age, drive cars.  I have always enjoyed a wide array of different types of cars and when i became financially able i would drive a car for a year or two, trade it in or sell it and get another. My greatest thrill was buying and driving my 2001 Porsche Boxster s and later i became enthralled with off road vehicles. 
I met Brian a few years ago when my daughter joined his wife's dance studio. We both bonded quickly over the love of cars and started Passion 4 Auto Sales. We truly enjoy the whole experience from buying vehicles, making sure our vehicles are mechanically sound, taking photos of our vehicles, and the Greatest thrill is to see the smile on our customers face when they are jumping into their new Truck or Car!!
Our dealership is unique because it is just Brian and I that personally take care of each phone call or handshake. From initial contact with our customer, test driving the vehicle, and even helping with financing the vehicle, we are hands on throughout then whole process.  Almost all of our customers have our cellphone numbers and can contact us at any time. We are available to help with questions, concerns or even the rare occurrence if a vehicle mechanically is not perfect, we make it right!! We have steadily grown since we began a few years ago and we know it is because we take care of our customers, have built trust and they are referring friends and family to us. We are truly thrilled to be following our Passion for helping others and of course we love to build and drive our Lifted Trucks!!!